Crypto Trading Bots

My newest projects are focused on the development of automated crypto trading. To date, there are three versions in hand that perform automated trades on Coinbase and Binance. These projects have demonstrated automated trades using a variety of trading strategies. The bots are all written in GO.

  1. Merlin V1 - utilized a postgres database. Trades on the GDAX exchange.
  2. Merlin V2 - new implementation without database and applies longer time periods for the sample rate. Improvements include configuration settings from config file and dynamic updates. Trades on the GDAX exchange.
  3. Lexii V1 - trades multiple currencies on Binance.

Merlin V2 is undergoing advanced testing and development.

DevOps Laboratory

The Tessaract DevOps Laboratory, TDL, investigates and writes about various aspects of modern DevOps. The SCM Process is defined as - Automated Continuous Delivery, Integration, Testing, and Deployments. Full and complete deployments at least daily if not more frequently.