Tessaract Productions Inc

Internet Technologies and Software Engineering

Brief History

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Tessaract Productions was formed in June 2004 in Kent WA. In November it was moved to Monticello FL. The first consulting work was setting up the initial Java EE hosting service at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in Tallahassee.

Subsequent consulting engagements were with Nissan North America in Nashville, TN, State Farm Insurance in Bloomington Illinois, Disney World Parks and Recreation in Kissimmee FL, The Florida Lottery in Tallahassee, a brief return to FDEP with E24X7 Inc, and a engagement with Collabera in Minneapolis MN at Best Buy. By far the best and most fun has been at Cengage Learning in Farmington Hills MI.

Project Value Analysis (PVA)

Project Value Analysis is a web application designed to perform a Cash Flow Analysis on any type of project. Any project might be modeled as a collection of cash flows. Summarizing the flows can develop an idea of the profit, loss and expected costs for a project.

This project grew from Land Value Analysis. It represents a generalized approach of cash flow analysis suitable for other than Land Development projects.

A set of templates for various project types are collected from contributions of the users so as to facilitate the completeness of similar proect types.


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Docker has gained a lot of traction in the IT world today for many good reasons. Not only does it facilitate typical Developer operations but it can also offer good benefits throughout the DevOps chain and into Production deployments.

Docker containers can be considered lightweight virtualization. The ease of use and benefits to Developers are compelling however the additional benefits in utilizing this technology throughout the DevOps environment brings even more benefits and improves an Agile development process. It is however difficult to retrofit Docker into an organization or project with a significant investment in infrastructure and operations that are not so agile.

In short, There ain't no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL). Docker is easy for the simple things but using it effectively in a complex working environment takes a lot of skill and knowledge to avoid recreating the wheel. Of course we always appreciate efforts to make the wheel rounder, more round, lighter weight and less expensive, this time.

Go vs Java

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Many people, and some Developers, consider Java, (along with Javascript) to be the lingua franca of the web. For the most part this is true and not likely to change significantly in the near future. However like many things in the IT world, languages are evolving and new ones popping up. Some gain traction with a following and others die out after some initial interest.

The Go language orginated from Google's labs. One very significant and obvious characterization of Go when compared to Java is the reduction in lines of code to perform any given task. The "ceremony" associated with Java usage is simply not required in Go. As Go matures and more libraries are incorporated into the language the other benefits of this newcomer language will grow and be more compelling to more Developers. That it works so well with Docker is a very strong feature.