My Professional Interests

Solar Energy – Design and install solar power systems for local residence and business, including city, county and state buildings.  Includes study for feasibility and economics impact.

Project Management – Professional Management of complex projects.

Software Engineering, Analysis and Design – Testing services, Code Reviews, application modernization, database migration, SCM, CI and build automation.

Android mobile Application Software – Develop business specific apps and services.

Nurse Staffing Agency – Bring Philippino nurses and health care professionals to USA and put them to work locally, statewide and nationally.

Health Care Industry – application development for fraud, patient care and billing.

Local Real Estate development – Develop local property and improvements.

Working from Home – is my goal to reduce commuting and expenses.

Software Security – Develop Security plans for local business and perform penetration testing and audits.

Test File Generator

One of my latest efforts in software tools is a better test case generator.  I have been a fan of JUnit for many years and used the eclipse tools to create a test class but it always bothered me that so much of it could be done automatically but was not.

Using java’s reflection mechanisms I can examine the “Class under test” and detect all the public methods for testing.  Each method can be examined for the return type and  parameters required to invoke the method.  The test for any method can be written in a style such that reasonable values can be created and applied in the test case.

It is not possible to do complete tests this way but for a starting point it is much more fun.